Why am I paying for hosting?

Hosting at ZenHost? You’re in good hands.

What is web hosting? Your website lives on a server that’s connected to the world wide web. At ZenHost Web Solutions your hosting fee depends on the package you choose. These packages are created for specific needs, the main difference between the packages being the storage size and capabilities. Our entry-level hosting package for example has 5 email account capacity while our mid and top-tier hosting packages have 10, with the top-tier package having more storage space than the mid-tier package. The hosting packages are set up so that you do not have to upgrade unless you really need to, since the packages have been put together with value in mind.

When will I need to upgrade?

If you want to upgrade, talk to us first: support@zenhost.co.za so that we can advise which package would suit your business needs best. Paying more than needed is unnecessary since our main goal is to give you the most value for your hard-earned money.

The three main reasons you are paying for hosting; Security, Operation Costs, and Maintenance.


Our servers are hosted at top-rated and high-endurance tested military grade level data centres that are capable of withstanding various attacks. Beyond the obvious implementations, we make use of best-in-industry hardware that allows us to recognise and block threats before they become problematic. Our staff are ethical-level white hat operators who are experienced in the threats and containment of attacks. Something that free hosting & DIY hosting does not offer.

Operation Costs:

Our datacenters run on electricity and are maintained by specialised staff – these are highly specialised hardware and people that don’t come cheap.


Statistics show that more and more downtime are not caused by hack attacks, since a lot of hosting providers prioritise security – hardware however are causing issues since they become dated and fail. Our approach to this is to ensure a balanced solution in keeping our servergrounds geared with new and high efficiency rated tech to ensure minimal to no downtime.

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