What is web hosting and why do you need it?

Websites live on servers at data centres that allow speedy, secure and reliable connectivity to the world wide web. This is the case where you are paying for a hosting provider with the right resources for optimal performance.

You are technically able to host your own website at home, but for that, you will need;

  • High-speed internet connectivity to avoid your site’s ranking being affected,
  • A 24/7/365 powered-on machine,
  • Spare parts for the machine – should anything fail,
  • Programs, Firewall to block various hack/phishing attacks,
  • Specialised personnel to check and maintain the health of your machine,
  • Anti-virus for scanning potential threats,
  • Secure Sockets Layer certificate to authenticate your website and its security,

These are only some of the core and vitals that are needed, on top of this, there are other crucial needs for a website to stay live and always be accessible. We recommend having your website hosted professionally, this ensures that your website is always up and running, protected from threats and backed up should anything go wrong. The only downfall with professional hosting is the monthly payment, this however is minimal and can be seen as assurance since it is a service where you really get a whole lot of value – even though it might not seem like it.

Background: What is a Domain-Name and Hosting?

A website is where you have the content. The words, the images, the videos, the files themselves. Whereas a domain is what you use to find the website. A Domain Name is an electronic address on the internet similar to your physical home address. You need a *Stand/Plot of Land* to attach to the *Address* you have just purchased. On this *Stand/Plot of Land* that you purchased, to which you attached the *Address* you can now build your *House*

• Stand/plot of land = (Hosting)
 Address = (Domain Name)
 House = (Website)

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