Websites carry credibility.

You may have the world’s best team behind your business, but the hard facts are based on public interest. 75% Of people base credibility on the appearance of a business’s website. If your website is not up to scratch – you could potentially lose up to 1/4 of your customer base.

What makes my website credible?

Think like the customer. When you visit a website, what would you like to see? Statistics show that 86% of people want to see information about the products and services they are interested in. We recommend having this kind of content readily available and integrated into a well planned UX – (user experience) design and not be hard to find on your website. If you have all of the information in the world on your website, at least make sure users can search it instead of having to go through everything to find an answer.

Speed, is – everything.

Website loading speeds are the most underrated and ignored aspect in website optimisation and website builds today. Search engines rank your website according to numerous factors including information, relevance, accessibility, layout and structure, content age, content as a whole, speed, user experience, the list is pretty long. The most important one of them all is speed, search engines cater to the average users’ interest and in this day and age – humans want instant gratification. Why will a website with great content and bad loading speeds be ranked bad? The answer is simple, the ranker is the messenger and the messenger is the search engine, no messenger wants to carry a message over with effort. It is thus no surprise that a search engine will rather serve a website that loads faster, but with a tiny bit less information.

Do you have relevant content?

Is your website due/overdue for an upgrade? Websites are the shop-front of your online presence, why have the sign above the door hanging skew? Statistics show that 94% of people won’t trust an outdated website, that’s no surprise given the competition out there. Website content is not the only thing that needs updating, your design and user experience structure is equally as important.

Let the experts have a look.

The best recommendation is to have a web specialist look at the downfalls and improve on them, and the working aspects and capitalise on them. Get in touch with our support team and we’ll provide one of our sales agents with a full audit and recommendations for a better way forward.

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